Orrell Family Project

Orrell Family Home Projects

  • Windows

    This portion of the Orrell Family Project was completed by Home Depot and SCHFH Board Member Elias Makres.

Orrell Family Story

We started our journey searching for houses about a year after living with Kyle’s mom, Anita. At first we were all for just renting, his brother was renting, his sister was renting why couldn’t we? We talked to a few people and weighed the pros and cons on renting and buying. In the long run buying a house that we could call “OURS” was more important than hurrying into a rental we wouldn’t be happy with. We searched, and searched, and searched for houses in Senoia, Grantville, Sharpsburg, and other places in Newnan. We steadily stayed on Georgia MLS but just couldn’t find that house that just clicked. My dad, who lives less than a mile from where we do now told us about this house. So one day we came to check it out. The condition it was in at first made us worry, a lot. We couldn’t take on a house that couldn’t be functional to move in, in the next couple of months! We kept searching and looking at other houses but something about this one just made it stick with us. We contacted the realtor and she let us do a walk through, my dad came and he looked at it with us. We fell in love with house. It would be a perfect, brand new start for us, just what we needed! Going through the process was definitely a hassle, but on November 27, 2014 we were first time home owners. My dad, Jesse, helped us a lot in the first couple of months, with construction and even buying us the cabinets we have now. My mom, Tanya and Kyle’s mom, Anita have given us pretty much everything we have to start off. Everyone pitched in to help us clean and sanitize and move in and we did what we could to save and fix some stuff on our own. Tax time came and we were able to do a little bit more than usual. We have been doing little by little on our blank canvas ever since. We wouldn’t have what we have today without hard work and support from our family and some amazing people we have met along the way.