Where do you build and repair homes?

Our service area includes Southeastern Metropolitan Atlanta. We serve Henry, Clayton, and Fayette Counties.

How does Habitat work?

In new home construction, we look for qualified, hard-working, low income families who are seeking a hand up not a hand out. Each family completes a rigorous education program, contributes sweat equity and makes a small down payment toward their home. When the house is completed we do not give it away. Instead, we sell the home, at no profit to the family, and provide a 0% mortgage for 15-30 years. This results in the total monthly payment to own a Habitat home (including principal, insurance, and taxes) being between $350 – $650 per month.

In our home repair program, we serve current homeowners that are in need of help to improve their living conditions, increase energy efficiency, or address critical health, life and safety issues or code violations. Homeowner participation and investment is necessary.

How do you fund your building and program activity?

We raise all our funds through a wide range of fundraising activities, partnerships with businesses and churches, grants, profits from our ReStore, and ongoing collaboration with local municipalities.

How is your organization governed?

We are a locally based grass roots organization governed by a local board. We have a strong and experienced staff that is led by a Chief Executive Officer who is selected by the board.

Who can build a house?

You can! What makes Habitat unique is that we work mostly with unskilled volunteers to build and repair houses. We work with all kinds of group and individual volunteers that come from businesses, churches, schools, civic organizations, and more.

What are the most significant challenges in your work?

There are several significant challenges that we face on a regular basis.

  1. Increasing Need – Each of the three counties we serve have distinctly significant issues related to affordable housing. When you combine these issues with the economic realities over the past 6-8 years, the need is enormous.
  2. Financial Resources –Like all nonprofits, we rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors, along with ongoing partnerships with local municipalities to fund our mission and advance our work. As the need has increased, so have our efforts to expand our partnership and donor base.
  3. Volunteers – We need a steady stream of more than 2,000 volunteers a year to fuel our construction and non-construction programs. It’s a challenge to line up the availability of that number of volunteers with the timing of our construction projects and non-construction programs.

What is your strategic plan?

Our leadership values strategic planning and thoughtful work plans. Attached you’ll find our current strategic plan.

Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity Strategic Plan

As a contractor or related vendor, how can I bid on work or supplying material for an upcoming Habitat project?

The information you need is in our contractor’s packet which you can download by clicking here.