Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity is a Christian-based ministry that is called to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in our community. Since our beginning, churches have been our core group of supporters and partners and every year, more than 50 churches and hundreds of volunteers engage with us in a variety of ways. Through prayer, volunteer labor, serving on a committee, helping with special events, and financial contributions, our church partners are invaluable supporters of SCHFH and the families we serve.

What are the benefits to your church and congregation?

  • We provide a context for your people to put feet to their faith. Volunteers from churches regularly tell us that their involvement with us helps them grow closer to God.
  • We provide a place for your church to demonstrate the gospel in your community.
  • Habitat projects are a great way to build community and make a lasting impact on a neighborhood and family.

Some Ways to Get Involved

  • Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a House
  • Join our annual Building on Faith event and collaborate with other churches
  • Organize a volunteer work day on a site or in our ReStore
  • Host a donation drive to collect items for our Habitat ReStore
  • Become one of our prayer partners.
  • Sponsor a fund raising event to support a project

Here’s What Other Churches Are Doing

Here are some ideas that other churches have come up with to engage with Habitat:

  • Pray  – Churches regularly take time in services and events to pray for our mission, staff, and families. Learn more…
  • Educate – Plan a class, event, or special focus in a worship service to have a speaker from SCHFH to share how serving low income families through affordable housing is critical.
  • Auction – Create packages that can be auctioned. You might include baskets of goodies, vacations, coupons, business services. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You could auction babysitting for a couple and include movie tickets.
  • Craft Show – Have a sale of local talent such as quilts, art, crafts and wood pieces.
  • Gift Fairs – Put on an alternative gift fair and include SCHFH. People can purchase “in honor” donation gifts or gift certificates for the Habitat ReStore.
  • Lent and House Banks – Have a house bank in a high-traffic location for donations to SCHFH. Worshipers can place a daily gift in a SCHFH piggy bank each day of Lent.
  • Buy a Brick – Create a grid on poster board shaped like a house. Sell sections of the grid and write in the owners’ names.
  • Sell Square Feet – Create a stylized foot on a certificate (contact our office for a template) and sell “square feet” for a house. Our typical house is 1,350 square feet so let people purchase each one for $55. Some people may buy one foot. Others will buy several.
  • Nail It – Paint the tips of nails and sell them – $1 bronze nail, $3 for a silver one and $5 for a gold one. Arrange for the nails to be used on a Habitat home.
  • Walkathon – Set a high goal and challenge students to obtain “over the top” pledges.
  • Special Offerings – Make SCHFH the recipient of a special collection
  • Capital Campaigns – Include building a house with us as part of your plan to build a home for your church congregation.
  • Missions – Suggest to your Missions Committee that SCHFH be on the list of local missions.
  • Bake Sales/Car Wash – Have your student ministry sponsor a special event and direct the proceeds towards a Habitat project.
  • Concerts – Host a concert featuring local or celebrity talent and direct the proceeds to SCHFH.

Let’s Talk About Next Steps

Let’s talk about how we can work together to advance your mission, help your people grow, and change the lives of low income families. Please contact Development ( or call 770.477.2367.