Supporter Stories

Every single year, thousands of people come together to support our mission. Some of them pick up a hammer or a paintbrush. Others teach financial literacy to first time home buyers. Many serve on a wide range of committees that work with staff and board members to keep our affiliate moving forward. Some work in our Habitat ReStore, our retail venture that resales donated items and use the proceeds to fund our mission. Many make regular financial contributions to support our work or help fund a critical home repair project or a whole house. Here are just a few of our supporter stories:

“Each time I come, I learn a different skill.  This is a community effort, when you work with Habitat to build a home, it’s much more than just working on a home, it’s a great experience for everyone involved.”

“At the end of the day you walk away with a true sense of teamwork, accomplishment, satisfaction, and newly forged friendships that you cannot find elsewhere.  Habitat for Humanity creates a network of like-minded people that come together to coach, mentor, and teach so that everyone involved can live a better life.  This is why I volunteer.  This is why I keep coming back.  This is why I do my part to inspire others to join forces and put others first – because that’s what we’re here for.”

“I have been involved with Delta’s Habitat for Humanity initiative since it began in 2000. I have seen firsthand the effect a Habitat project can have not just on the families receiving a home but also on the employees who volunteer to build them. Habitat gives Delta employees the opportunity to change the life paths of generations in a very tangible way.”

“There are many ways to volunteer your time but few that give you a hands on, eye to eye experience with the recipient of your efforts and service.  Forming a relationship and creating a memory with the families whose lives you touch is leaving a footprint of your life in theirs.”

“It is a unique and extremely memorable opportunity to be a part of a true life changing experience.  How many chances do you have, in life, to be a part of a prayer answered?  Don’t miss that chance.  Home is, indeed, where the heart is.  Open your heart and give someone a home!”

SCHFH is an organization with a long history of serving, committed to delivering excellent service, committed to changing lives, committed to changing communities, and for Wells Fargo, the same vision and passion and vigor that we have in making sure that our communities are served is one that we saw was the example of what Southern Crescent delivers on a consistent daily basis”.

“Very few of us ever have an opportunity to change somebody’s life as directly as we are able to change someone’s life through Habitat.”