What We Do

Habitat for Humanity is one of the most recognized and respected nonprofit organizations in the United States and world. Most people know that we build affordable housing for hard working low income families in Henry, Clayton, and Fayette County, but there’s much more to the Southern Crescent Habitat story.

Through homeowner education, we prepare families with basic home maintenance skills so they are 100% prepared to care for and maintain their homes from the very first day they move in.

Through our financial literacy initiative, we help families gain an understanding of everything from basic budgeting to taxes to prepare them for paying their monthly mortgage and all of life’s other expenses.

Through engagement, participation, and sacrifice we help families work hard to achieve independence.

Through new home construction, we partner with financial sponsors and hundreds of volunteers to build attractive, affordable, and energy efficient homes. We don’t give houses away–we sell homes to qualified low-income families and give them a 0% interest loan for up to 30 years.

Through our rehabilitation efforts, we transform foreclosed and vacant properties from eyesores to success stories.

Through critical home repair, we help existing homeowners improve their quality of life, save money on energy bills, and strengthen neighborhoods.

Through engaging people to serve and make a difference, we strengthen communities. We build bridges between government, businesses, churches, civic groups, schools, and individuals who want to join us in helping their neighbors in need. We equip neighbors with the tools to partner and serve in their own neighborhoods.

Our work is about people more than projects or houses. Our bottom line is making a difference in the lives of the people we touch—whether they are volunteers, staff, board members, community partners, vendors, or the people that live in a neighborhood we are working in. To us, people matter most.

We love what we do and think you might love it too! If you want to join us then let us tell you more about how you can GET INVOLVED and make a lasting impact.