10 Years of Women Build at Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity!

Women Build 2024 attendees pose before getting hard to work

Girls play house, Women build them!

2024 marked 10 years of Women Build, one of our largest fundraisers, at Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity. Women from all over came together with a common goal: to build safe and affordable homes. Over the course of four incredible days, we experienced fun, fellowship, and the rewarding act of building homes.

Even when inclement weather threatened to disrupt our plans, we did what women do best: we pivoted. We brought the fun and productivity into our warehouse, where the ladies built walls to be transported to the build sites. It was a powerful reminder of the resilience and determination that women bring to the table.

Our Women Build Ambassadors this year included some truly inspiring women: Natosha Reid Rice, the first Global DEI Officer for Habitat for Humanity; Kim Mays, owner of Kim Mays State Farm Insurance Agency; Kim Freshwater, Realtor and Associate Broker at Century21 Crowe Realty; Katherine Jordan, Principal Interior Designer and owner of The Savvy ID; and Michelle Amarra, President of SCB Video TV Marketing. These incredible leaders not only brought their teams out to build but also spearheaded fundraising efforts, helping us raise over $20,000.

Ambassador Natosha Reid Rice, left, poses with her daughter.
Ambassador Kim Mays holds her phone up to take an usie with her team.
Ambassador Michelle Amarra relaxes after a long day of building.
Ambassador Katherine Jordan pauses work to give the camera a smile.
Ambassador Kim Freshwater gets checked in to begin work!

The Steel Magnolia

We took the opportunity to pay tribute to Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, who passed away last year. Our t-shirts this year featured the letter “C” and a magnolia flower, a nod to her nickname “Steel Magnolia.” that she was called due to her southern genteel manner. Both First Lady Carter and President Carter were instrumental in making Habitat for Humanity the success it is today, and it was only fitting to honor her legacy.

None of our work would be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors. A heartfelt thank you to Jacobs, Kim Mays State Farm Insurance Agency, Century21 Crowe Realty, Atlanta Gas Light, SCB Video TV Marketing, and The Savvy ID for their unwavering support.

As we reflect on this year’s accomplishments, we look forward to building even more homes with all of you next year. Together, we are unstoppable!