The Best DIY Easter Service Projects For Your Family

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun aspect of any holiday and lose the real meaning behind it, and Easter is no exception. Making sure you have a full Easter basket for your kids, coloring eggs and hiding them, and preparing a big lunch or dinner for your family might take up most of your thoughts this spring, but don’t forget to do a little something for your community or church this year.

Fortunately, there are several DIY projects that are simple to pull off and will create a lasting impact on your friends and loved ones. The best way to service your community and your church is to show them you care; here are some of the best ways to do just that.

Give back

Organize a community supper for the less fortunate on Easter Sunday, where anyone who is hungry can come to a safe place and break bread. Or, you can put together a charity run and donate the proceeds to your local Habitat for Humanity and get your church members involved. Gather candy, fruit, plastic Easter eggs, and small toys or art supplies and put together baskets to give to local shelters for victims of domestic violence. Pulling together your church to help the community is a great way to give back and bond with the congregation.

Prayer cards

Using your computer or some creativity and art supplies, make a card for each member of your church and hand them out during service. On each card, place a spot for someone’s name and a message asking each member to pray for one person, write their name on the card, and then use the card to invite that person to church.

Community yard sale

There are several ways to go about this; you can invite members of the community to bring their items to the church parking lot, where tables and tents will be set up for a sale, and give the money to a charity like your local Habitat for Humanity; you can also ask members of the church to donate gently used children’s clothing and toys and invite the community to come and buy items during a big sale. These events always do well, as children’s items are expensive and parents are usually looking for a deal.

Art show

Ask members of the church to put their creativity to good use and make artwork depicting Easter and other religious scenes, which can be hung up in a community room at the church. Set up a spot for musicians to play and ask any writers in the group to contribute a poem or short story to be read aloud in honor of the day. Invite the community to come and take part in the celebration.

Give a gift

Brighten someone’s day by taking small gifts around to senior homes, fire stations, police stations, and hospitals. You can take up a collection to buy Easter lilies, or make small Easter baskets filled with goodies to show the community’s appreciation for the nurses, police officers, firefighters, and seniors who live in and serve the neighborhood. If you need assistance with this type of giving, your local Habitat for Humanity can connect you with seniors and Habitat homeowners in need. 

Get the little ones involved

Organize an Easter play starring the littlest members of your church, and invite members of the community to come and see the story of the Resurrection in a special service.

Author: Paul Denikin
Photo via Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos