Habitat Dedicates Second Lovejoy Home By Danny Harrison, Lovejoy Ledger

“Today is my Thanksgiving Day,” new homeowner Kathy Boucher said Monday afternoon as Clayton County, City of Lovejoy and Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity officials along with family and friends helped dedicate her new home.

Boucher’s is the second Habitat home of 15 to be completed in the Austin Meadows subdivision on Hastings Bridge Road in Lovejoy. It was the “Women Build” home. The first home completed in that subdivision was the Delta Air Lines home, and the third, which is expected to be completed in a few more weeks, is a “Veterans Build” home.

“My prayer is that you’ll get back all the blessings you give out,” Boucher told her Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity friends. “To God be the glory, because He’s the One that makes all things possible.”

A single mother and grandmother, Boucher is a Clayton County Public Schools employee, and she has dreamed of being able to own her own home. Through the Habitat program, she was able to earn “sweat equity” as a volunteer, which helped to qualify her to purchase an affordable, zero-interest, brand-new home.

Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity representatives are known for saying they give “a hand up, not a hand out.” All of their homeowners must complete extensive home ownership education and training, and they must complete many hours of volunteer work, whether in the headquarters or on build sites.

Speaking to the small crowd assembled Monday afternoon, Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity CEO Kem Kimbrough said, “Habitat will build a house, but it takes love to make a home. All of you have contributed that love.”

Visit www.schabitat.org or call 770-477-2367 for more information about Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity.

Written by Danny Harrison of Lovejoy Ledger