SCHFH Leadership Supports Visioning Fayette County

Leadership from Southern Crescent Habitat were honored to participate in the recent Fayette County Visioning session. On October 18th, more than 130 community members representing a diverse cross section of Fayette County gathered at Dolce Atlanta Peachtree to give input regarding a unified visioning process focused on the future of Fayette County.  The meeting consisted of presentations from potential consulting groups who could lead the process, discussions about the importance of the initiative, and dialogue about the role that all community members will play.  The result was overwhelming community support to proceed with the visioning process and the commitment of the participants to promote the process, recruit supporters from across the county and raise the funds necessary to carry it out.

“The success of this visioning process depends upon the input and participation of stakeholders across Fayette County,” said Trey Ragsdale, co-chair of the visioning steering committee.  “We were extremely pleased to launch this initiative with the interest and representation from almost every sector of the county— small business to large industry, corporations to non-profits, the faith community to schools and education, elected officials to students.”

Following the meeting Fayette Chamber President/CEO,  Virginia Gibbs commented “We are thrilled to have Habitat for Humanity, with their passion for making a positive community impact, involved in the visioning process at its inception.”

This visioning initiative will roll out over the next several months with identification of stakeholders, focus groups, town hall meetings, electronic data collection, and public input.  A website for the process will soon be available and community members can sign up to receive Fayette Vision communications by emailing