Women Expanding Representation in Construction

In recent years, more women have been finding success in skilled trade industries. In 2014, 872,000 of the 9,813,000, or 8.9 percent, of people working in the construction industry were women, reports the National Association of Women in Construction. Women’s presence in construction was increasing steadily starting in the 1980s, but an industry slump from 2007 to 2010, accompanied by the loss of more than 2.5 million construction jobs, decreased women’s representation in construction. The tide appears to be turning. Construction jobs are projected to grow by 12.7 percent through 2024, and qualified men and women will be needed to fill positions.

As the below information by Tulsa Welding School highlights, the construction industry has much to offer women because it can provide greater earning potential than traditionally female-dominated careers; fast, affordable training for easier entry into the field at any age; support from various organizations; and a choice between building a career with a variety of businesses or being your own boss.

Check out the infographic below for more information about opportunities for women in construction.

Image Courtesy of Tulsa Welding School