Outhouse no more. Help us build a bathroom for your senior neighbor.

FAYETTEVILLE, GA [February 23, 2017] –Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity is fundraising to build a bathroom for a senior resident in need.

Walter Prayor, 82, has been residing in Fayetteville since 1946. He lives in a small, simple, one-bedroom home that he helped his father and uncle build.

Times were tough growing up for Walter, his siblings, and parents: “I had to pick cotton in order to make a living, and I picked so much cotton that my shoulder blades burnt like fire, and I had to come home at night to rub them down…but I made it through, you know, by the help of the good Lord,” Walter said.

One Sunday afternoon when he was a teenager, Walter met his wife, Claudia, at the 85 drive in theater. They fell in love and were married in 1955. To support Claudia, Walter worked in the sanitation department in Forest Park, Georgia his entire life. Together, Claudia and Walter had 8 children, raising them in that same one-bedroom home.

Now, at age 81, Walter still lives in that same home. Having had so many memories there, his home is his heart.

However, he has no bathroom. Mr. Prayor uses an outhouse and takes bucket showers to stay clean.

His home is in need of critical repairs, and most of all, a bathroom.

Thus far, groups such as the MOMS Club, Inman Park Elementary, Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity donors, and Coweta-Fayette Trust have given to his project.

If you would like to donate to help Mr. Prayor obtain a bathroom, please visit our GoFundMe at www.schabitat.org/prayor.


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