Ms. Gloria Saussy, a senior living in Riverdale, needs your help today.

Media Contact
Name: Trisha Pintavorn
Title: Marketing and Communications Manager at
Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity
Office:  770-477-2367 

RIVERDALE, GA [November 14, 2017] — Ms. Gloria Saussy is one of a dozen senior homeowners currently in need of repairs on our Home Repair waitlist. She worked as an office manager for 42 years and raised three children as a single mother.  She currently is retired due to disabilities and lives in Riverdale: “I moved into the home in 2006, and then just two years later I had both my knees replaced. But even after that I went back to work and things were working out just fine, but four years later, here we go again. My health just deteriorated, and it deteriorated so quickly that it was scary.”

Ms. Saussy suffers from fibromyalgia, a painful disease which does not currently have a known cause or cure: “I’ll be fine one day, then the next day, I’m flat on my back. But we found out what the issues were and started working on it. I won’t get cured but I can live. And with Habitat for Humanity, I can live with contentment.

Our Home Repair program requires about 48 “sweat equity” or volunteer hours for seniors in our home repair program. But Ms. Saussy has doubled her hours. She put in time by helping out at the Habitat office and at our outreach tables at community events.  She loves the homeowner education and financial literacy classes she has taken with us, especially the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University courses.

As Ms. Saussy waits on our wait list, her home becomes more and more damaged by water from her leaking roof. A hole has opened up in her garage ceiling, and water stains have begun to spread into her living room. We are fundraising all month along for Ms. Saussy’s project, along with other senior homeowners in need.

If you would like to give to help with Gloria’s repairs, please consider contributing at


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