Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity celebrates home for the holidays with our newest Veteran Homeowner!

Veteran Homeowner, Marsha Pettigrew excitedly cuts the ribbon on her brand new home! Southern Crescent CEO, Cynthia Jenkins, The Pettigrew Family, and The Patricia Terwilliger Family Foundation joins her in the celebration.

Marsha’s Story

Marsha Pettigrew is an Army Veteran who is simply “grateful!” Although she experienced a few rough patches along her journey, Marsha didn’t let it deter her from providing for her children. Often times, as a mother of six, she felt as though she was “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

Her dream of becoming a homeowner seemed so far away, until she saw someone wearing a Habitat for Humanity t-shirt and asked them about the organization. The thought of becoming a homeowner is still mind-blowing to her, but she looks forward to the day when she can host gatherings for her children and their families all under one roof!

Marsha is currently a Marta bus operator and lives with her twins, Elizabeth and Elisha (Elijah), and her newborn grandson.

We are forever grateful for our partnership with The Patricia Terwilliger Family Foundation for sponsoring the entire build for Marsha’s home. The Patricia Terwilliger Family Foundation, which supports veterans through various charitable efforts, not only made a financial donation but also joined us on the build site numerous times. See the photos here.

Photo credit © Habitat for Humanity International/Carolina Guerrero.

At Southern Crescent, we recognize the immense sacrifices made by our Veterans and are deeply committed to supporting them through our housing programs. Through supporting Veterans, we honor their service and contribute to their well-being and reintegration, reinforcing our dedication to those who have bravely served our country.

Older Americans Month Celebration

During the month of May, we celebrate Older Americans Month. Throughout this month, we highlight older Americans that have been aging in place gracefully with Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity’s help. We also acknowledge the Gray Ghosts volunteers who give their time and knowledge to help our staff with builds and repairs.

Aging in Place

At Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity, they strive to keep older Americans in their homes. Installing bars in the bathroom shower and railings up the stairs are some of the ways they help to give older citizens help while they still keep their sense of independence. Throughout our time working to repair and help keep them in their homes, new floors have been added, wheelchair and mobility access has been added, doorways have been widened and bathrooms have received mobility updates. Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity has also built a community geared towards the older population in the counties it serves. Because of this, they can live in their homes with a better sense of self-reliance. Their homes have been built with their age in mind. They have a greater sense of community, they know their neighbors and they help each other if needed.

Gray Ghosts

Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity’s Gray Ghosts gives their time to volunteer and their knowledge to help our staff on home build sites and repairs for families. They are included in projects and have input. They do more than donate their time, they share their experience and knowledge with us. Each time a Gray Ghosts helps us, we know that the homeowner is getting the best.

Celebrating our Older Americans

Mr. Jones working with Home Depot to build the walls of his future home.

Over the past month, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with several of our older homeowners about celebrating Older Americans Month and Aging in Place. We recently did an interview with one of our homeowners named Mr. Jones. We spoke about future plans, what homeownership means to him and if he has any advice for those applying to our program in the future.

1. What made you apply to us? “A friend of mine created a flyer of the opportunity meeting for potential homeowners and insisted that I should attend.”

2. How was your experience working with us? “Working with Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity was wonderful.”

3. What does home ownership mean to you? “Homeownership means peace of mind, security, stability, joy and so much more.”

4. Do you have any recommendations for us? “I encourage you to continue God’s work pertaining to Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity’s mission.”

5. Do you have any future plans for your home? “I’m thinking about putting in some rose bushes.”

6. Do you have any advice for others wanting to apply to our program? “Apply immediately and believe. Have faith in God and trust in Him. God is Love, love God, love others. Amen. Thanks for your patience.”