Lloyd Jones: A Veteran’s Journey to His First Home with Habitat for Humanity

Meet Lloyd. Lloyd Jones spent 14 years active in the military and 6 years in the reserves, where he was stationed everywhere from Korea to Germany. An Atlanta native, he spent a lot of time looking to purchase a home, but his offers were all declined or outbid. By chance, he one day happened upon volunteers building homes by Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity.

“They were everything I wanted. A ranch. A porch. Affordable, and a great location,” Lloyd said. Thus, he made the life-changing decision to apply, and he was quickly accepted.

Lloyd now resides in the beautiful city of Lovejoy, and was even named Homeowner of the Year by Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity at our annual Golden Hammer Awards. At 59 years old, this is the first home he has ever owned. But Lloyd tells us the wait was well worth it: “As a soldier, you go to many duty stations. You go to many places so you look forward to unpacking your duffle bag, and right now, I’m in Fort Living Room in Lovejoy, Georgia!”

Want to help more veteran homeowners like Lloyd? Visit schabitat.org/gagivesday to donate today, and your donation is doubled, thanks to a generous matching gift from our Board.